Finger Print Smart Lock-NX2

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Finger Print Smart Lock-NX2  Finger Print Smart Lock



1.  Works Offline

AES128 Bit encryption technology

No internet connection needed for the lock even to grant access remotely, so there are no worries of Wi-Fi hacking or disruption.


2. Grant access to your home even when you're away.

Share E-keys and Codes and select how long you want them to be valid for without worrying about lost of the keys. The control is totally in your hand by time setting.


3. Passage Mode

 Private mode →Passage Mode

After successfully unlocking with fingerprint, password, IC card or Bluetooth, enter “123#” in 5 seconds,  before the lock is automatically turned off, and then it prompts “the operation is successful”. When the passage mode is activated, the user can directly turn the handle and unlock the door without fingerprint, password, IC card or Bluetooth.

 Passage Mode →Private mode

Open the lock by the fingerprint/card/code/App once, status will be switched to private mode.


4. Real Time Tracking

You can check the opening records easily through our app to monitor who accessed your lock and when it was accessed. Keeping safe only needs a mobile.


5. Scramble code function

Input any random code before or after the correct passcode, to prevent on-lookers and spreading your fingerprint marks, this feature makes your doorlock that much more secured.


6. Privacy Locking function

A. Open Locking Mode

Long press the grip ring of rear panel for 3 seconds, and then it prompts “The door has been locked”. Except for the password and APP of the administrator, all users' fingerprints, passwords and IC cards cannot unlock the door.

B. Close Locking Mode

Short press the grip ring of rear panel, and it prompts “locking has been released”, the locking mode is closed.



7. Silent mode

Turn on or turn off the lock sound as you like.

If you have little child or offen enter and exit you home late at night, you can set silent mode for your family.


8. Support WiFi unlock remotely from APP

TFX1 works with G2 gateway with your home wifi network, so you can manage your lock anywhere.


9. Time Attendance

You can check the daily attendance of all staff, who access the door by App, card or passcode.

This function can be turned on or off in the setting.


10.  External power supply interface

4pcs batteries =365 days

In case of battery die,  external power is provided to unlock the door then replace the batteries. Convenient backup for lifetime usage!

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