ORBITA lock passed BHMA&UL test

ORBITA finally got the compliance report for ANSI BHMA A156.13-2012 and UL1034 test after 6 months of continuous test in Intertek Guangzhou Lab.

The test was conducted by intertek which is one of the most famous international industrial product test lab. The full test was done strictly according to ANSI BHMA A156.13 which was also considered as American Military products testing standard. UL1034 is actually the UL testing standard for electronic locks.

The full test includes operation test, circling test, strength test, material evaluation test, security test, etc. Among all the tests, the circling test is the most difficult one which blocked 95% of the lock manufacturers. However, ORBITA lock remained good condition after 800,000 times circling test and we are optimistic that ORBITA lock can exceed one million circles if we continue the test.

Let us imagine, for a normal hotel room, it opens and close average 30 times a days supposing that it is rented 365 days a year, ORBITA lock can run at least 73 years!

Thanks to customers’ suggestion and more than 15 years of experience in hotel card lock industry,ORBITA is able to pass the American test and bring more confidence to our customers. However, ORBITA team believes there is nothing perfect but there always leaves some room for improvement. ORBITA will never stop improving but work harder to produce better products.

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11 Sep 2019