About Us

CYE Resources Sdn Bhd is focused on providing a comprehensive range of product offerings in all aspects of the hospitality and service industry. We aim to deliver high quality and trusted products and solutions to our customers and at the same time providing the convenience of having multiple needs that can be met in one place.

Our manufacturers are reputable and dedicated in providing branded and reliable quality products and services to meet the various needs of our customers. We supply electronic key-card lock system, bluetooth smart lock, quality bed linens, towels, hotel housekeeping and hotel amenities including custom made hospitality products. We are well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise in rectifying and resolving the complications and distinctive security threats to the hotel electronic key-card lock system.

At CYE Resources Sdn Bhd, we are committed to providing products, services and solutions of the highest quality to all our customers. Our customer's business efficiency and success is our responsibility.

Our Vision

We strive to give our best service to our customers and always staying relevant and connected.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the widest range of choices, backed up by our commitment to exceptional service, quality equipment and supplies, professional training assistance and information technologies that help our customers succeed. We strive to give our clients the freedom and the peace of mind to focus on what matters most to their business.